Top 3 Mobile SDKs for Online Gambling Apps

There are plenty of mobile app development tools out there. But which ones to consider? Well, let’s take a look at the big 3: Google’s Android support library V4; Facebook’s Open Graph API; and Apple’s iOS SDK. To wit: Google’s AdMob mobile ad network currently serves over 200 billion ad requests a month. Those figures don’t include ads delivered by other companies. Using this network, you can effectively monetize your apps in the mobile space. heng99 heng99 is a good thing because mobile is now the biggest growth segment in the app space. Moreover, you’ll need to be mobile ready if you want to compete in the market. Fortunately, this is easy to do.

Google’s Android Support Library V4 has a lot of great features. This includes a nifty compatibility layer, a nice-to-have ad library, and a cool-to-have media player that supports fetching, decoding, and playing audio and video. It also boasts one of the best crash reporting SDK’s in the industry. https://เฮง can even build an augmented reality app for your iPhone or Android devices. And if you’re looking to drive more user engagement, you might want to check out Firebase Cloud Messaging. The open source libary can be downloaded from GitHub and is a perfect fit for your next app build.

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